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CEED - Conseil Européen des Enfants du Divorce
association de parents enfants et grand-parents victimes d'enlèvements et de rapts internationaux d'enfants


October 9th 2012
PRESS RELEASE - to be released and published widely

Case Gilberti: hearing for the extradition - Court of Appeal of Colmar on October 11th 2012 at 11:30

Following the request to extradite Olivier Karrer, Head of CEED (Conseil Européen des Enfants du Divorce) Germany is requesting the extradition of Lionel Gilberti, a French citizen, who has no visitation rights nor any contact with his children, retained in Germany.

Removal of Children: Germany misuses the EAW (European Arrest Warrant). Lionel Gilberti lived in Germany and married a German woman. They have two children. After their divorce the German family justice separated him from his children and he has no rights at all, and the only reason for this is that he is not German.

The police chased him away from his house and therefore he returned to France. Since then he has been having no contact with his children for years and he was going to begin a hunger and thirst strike in November. This is the reason why Germany issued a EAW for his arrest, the justification for it is the alleged avoidance of payment of child support (yet to be proved).

On October 8 Lionel Gilberti was called on the phone by an officer to be present at the Police Station in order to explain the reason for this lack of payments. As soon as he reached the Police Station he was handcuffed and treated as a terrorist. The very same day he was summoned to court at 4:00 pm at the Court of Appeal of Colmar and immediately put in the Colmar prison.

The hearing which will decide his extradition to Germany will be held next Thursday 11 of October at 11:30, at the Court of Appeal of Colmar. Until this moment he has not yet viewed his file nor the EAW issued against him.

This fast procedure is very suspicious and is not worthy of a country such as France. The decision of his detention seems to have been taken in advance, upon request of Germany. His rights of defense have been violated. We can therefore easily predict that the Court of Appeal, on October 11th 2012 at 11:30 will decide to extradite the French citizen Lionel Gilberti.

Moreover the issue of an EAW is not valid for this kind of crime! France, the French Government and Police believe that by giving consent to German requests and transfer Oliver Karrer and Lionel Gilberti, they will stay quiet, and there will be no more arrest warrant requests for political reasons. They are wrong: after the extradition of the two French citizens, Germany will issue other EAWs, proceedings for extradition will increase, as well as claims and media impact. The more we give to Germany the more they will demand.

Firmness is the only attitude to be adopted against Germany. If the extradition of Oliver Karrer and Lionel Gilberti will be denied, France will be respected and Germany will stop the practice of issuing EAW (including the recourse to Italy).

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