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Parents, children and grandparents victims of international and administrative child abductions


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On the occasion of the authentic story publication

Nicht ohne meine Kinder
- Eine Mutter kämpft gegen das Jugendamt -

[Not without my children - A mother combats against the Jugendamt ]
Karin Jäckel und Joumana Gebara
Editor Lübbe-Verlag February 2006

about Joumana Gebara's life, who decided to work and live in Sudtyrol - for the German Jugendamt a sufficient reason to rape two of her three children - we would like to invite you to take part to a


« The German Jugendamt, a child robbering ADMINISTRATION ? »

on Friday, March 10th, 2006 from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. in Bolzano /Südtirol / Italy


Participants to the discussion panel:

Joumana Gebara (Co-Author, Bolzano), Olivier Karrer ( vice-president of CEED, France), Mathieu Carriere (international Actor), Inspector Alessandro Arrervo (Questura di Bolzano, Prevention Department), Maureen Dabbagh (Founder of "Parent International", USA), Nadim Bashir Gemayel (Lebanese Parliamentary), N.N. (Specialised attorney who has successfully sued Germany at the European Court for Human Rights), R. Bruhns (Association "Vermisste Kinder", Germany), Diane Burgy (Foundation "FREDI" for missing children, Switzerland), N.N. (French Parliamentary), Beata Pokrezeptowic (Association Polish Parents), N.N. (Italian Parliamentary), Karin Jäckel (Author, Germany)

Municipality of Bolzano
Vicolo 7
Gummergasse 7
I-39100 Bolzano
/ Bozen

Im Plenum :
Richard Vikström (Chicago, CEED, USA), Natasa Fedora (Roma, Italy), Bertrand Moya (Paris, France) and numerous parents whose children have disappeared for ever from their life, after decisions have been made by German Jugendamt and German family law jurisdiction.

TV's on place : ARTE, RAI-TRE (Nazzionale)

The italian sculptor
Marco Piono
- a victim parent - will present his project "A monument for all children of this world "

From 12:00 p.m.
musical variety
by the band
Jazz Fizz

from 05:00 p.m. to 06:30 p.m
in the Library Europa
book presentation, lecture and autographs

Summary from the book :
"... Vor allem aber erkannte ich dort nicht einen bestimmten Elternteil, sondern das Jugendamt als gemeinsamen Feind der vom "Kinderklau" betroffenen Eltern. Zwar ging es in den geschilderten "Kinderklau"-Geschichten auch häufig um Scheidungskriege, in den das Jugendamt zugunsten des deutschen Elternteils eingriff, um die Kinder in Deutschland zurück zu halten. In anderen Fällen aber ging es auch um Erfahrungen wie meine, in denen der Streit zwischen Jugendamt und Eltern lag... "
Library's location :
Buchhandlung Europa
Corso Italia 6
I-39100 Bolzano /

Organisators :
Dr. Karin Jäckel (
Joumana Gebara (

From the book

Nicht ohne meine Kinder - Eine Mutter kämpft gegen das JUGENDAMT

Not without my children -
A mother combats against the JUGENDAMT"

Karin Jäckel und Joumana Gebara,
Editor Lübbe, February 2006

Joumana Gebara is the daughter of an Italian-French mother and a Lebanese father but German citizen. She is a divorced single mother of three children, a daughter and two sons.

After a degree in business management, she remains unemployed in Germany. The Federal Employment Service (Arbeitsamt) bear her application's expenses for a job in Italy. She gets an unlimited employment contract in a leading company in Bolzano.

Since Joumana is a single mother and two of her children can't stay by their father, the JUGENDAMT funds a childminder for the time she will be seaking for an apartment in Italy.

The children's fathers have common custody rights on children with the mother. Both agree the relocation.
The removal is organized, children are checked out from school and different sports clubs. Everything is prepared for a new beginning in Bolzano.

Nobody warns the mother that she is at highest risk to lose her children by doing so in modern Germany. Each time she calls the childminder from Italy to check if everything is ok, each time she gets assurance everything is allright. Even still then, when the Jugendamt has already secretly abducted her children.

As she comes back to Germany, in order to pick up her children, her children are gone. Only her daughter is there. The two sons had disappeared. Nobody tells her why they have been taken away and where they are, weither the police, nor the JUGENDAMT.

Finally, the desperate mother can find out that her older son has been abducted, placed and hidden by JUGENDAMT without any hearing, any Court decision, any defense, any rights at all, in an unknown care family at a location which is kept secret, the youngest assigned to his father.
The JUGENDAMT doesnt give any explanation to her.

A high-dramatic, emotional fight begins for the mother to get her two sons back, who were raped by JUGENDAMT in violation of any international Law, conventions and Human rights.

Weeks later, at the hearing before the Court, the German Judge doesnt verify wether if the administrative abduction was legal or not, nor who is the custodian parent. But the JUGENDAMT asserts for the first time the real reasons which lead few civil servants to rape children, as they are used to do in modern Germany :
the employment of the mother harms German KINDESWOHL [ worlds unique child's well-being ]. Further, since the mother cant care for her children during work time, she has to charge a childminder for the period after school. Therefore - so the civil servants, who felt extremly at ease before the local Judge in the Court room - she neglects her children. In addition they allege that the mother has abandoned her children in Germany, and intended to abscond to Italy.

The black despaired objections and evidences of the mother are simply ignored (this is normality when brought by a foreigner) by the German Judge. Moreover the Court refuses to hear the daughter's testimony, even if she is 14 years old. The agreement concluded between mother and JUGENDAMT, shortly before travelling to Italy, loses instantly any probative force. By his statement to the press later on, the Jugendamt's speaker explained; "the mother haven't arrange the terms of her departure together with the JUGENDAMT, even if she had no obligation to do so."

Later on, the JUGENDAMT alleges to the officer of the italian youth authority's department: "we took her children away. It doesn't play any role whether Joumana Gebara is a good or a bad mother, the removal of children to Italy harms German KINDESWOHL."

Briefly before Christmas 2004 the German family court punishes Joumana Gebara for working and takes from her the parental custody for both of her 6 and 7 years old sons. She is not allowed to see her children nor contact them in any way not to mention that she is not authorized to take her children with her to Italy. Moreover no one reveals the whereabouts of her older son.

Mother and children go through hell.

Finally what no one has expected help will come from France : Joumana meets Olivier, President of the French parental association CEED in Paris and father of a son who was abducted to Germany by the German mother and retained there since with support of German Judge and JUGENDAMT.

Joumana Gebara wins in Olivier an adept advisor and a courageous helper, who links her to his personal network, goes along with her to German authorities and lawyers, brings publicly criminal charge for child abduction against the reponsible employees of the JUGENDAMT and finally plans the retrieving of her older son.

When the secret location of her 'disappeared' son is revealed through a bright searching action, they carry out a secret action to save her son from adoption in a German forster family and bring him to Bolzano.

Months later Joumana carries out on her own account, together with another helper from the USA, a second action to get back her younger son.

What both children had to suffer of in Germany is published in the book. This are heart-breaking documents of mental cruelty, committed under the cover of the German " KINDESWOHL", German legal 'well-being' of children.

By the Court hearing before the Italian Family Court, the requesting German father has opportunity to explain why he followed strictly JUGENDAMT's instructions. The judge abided to the imploratory request of the small boy not to be sent back to Germany and parted again from his family, mummy, sister and brother .

The "Case Gebara" is not a unique case in modern Germany.

German and foreign organizations of parents and grandparents, whom German JUGENDAMT and Family Courts have taken their children and grand-children away, have complained massively against the praxis of German administration, which tear out children from their families in order to break tie for ever to biological parents and grand - parents, which instigate and machinate behind the curtain, so that Court decision on visitation rights will never be be enforced for non custodian parent, and last but not leas, wich provide the necessary 'legal' support to German abducting parents, so that at the long term their binational children will remain in Germany and separated definitly from their foreign parent.

In the past ten years, around two million married parents lost contact to their children through German Court decisions, not considered hereby, is the number of unreported cases from unmarried couples. Each year thousands of new cases are to be added.

The governments of the USA, Great Britain and France protested already violently against this family jurisdiction. However even the quotation of President Jacques Chirac, who defined German family jurisdiction as "the jungle law" still applies to German jurisdiction. In a conference held ten years ago, German officials described the JUGENDAMT as a "Kinderklaubehoerde" (a child rapting administration). But nothing happened since.

Since foreign parents are tricked dishonestly by JUGENDAMT and GERMAN JURISDICTION, with the compliance of German politicians, since most victim parents who try to oppose to German 'legal' Kidnapping and administrative trafficking in children are hazed with no end and sometimes threat of being jailed, even if they are the victims but not the perpetrator, since Italian have understood what is going on in the case of Mrs Gebara, we decided to meet off the German soil to held the first book presentation in Bolzano.

For German readers please see : History of German JUGENDAMT .

After having read the story of Mrs Gebara 2005, please read following now:

"During this period there were 29 transports of 4,454 Polish children between the ages of two and fourteen. They were sent to ... Neumark, Wesel, Kartnen near Graz, Parchim, Breitigheim, and Brandenburg. Accounts given by the transport officers showed that these children were either handed over to German families or placed in German institutions*." source :

* German institutions were and are still funded by JUGENDAMT. Children were taken away from their parents and placed in German families like in case of Mrs Gebara, like thousands of similar cases each year in Germany.

Are German administration and the town of WESEL really different today to that what they were in the past ? Should Europeans really trust modern German politicians, when they argue Germany was a modern democratic State wich has part with his barbaric methods ?



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