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CEED - Conseil Européen des Enfants du Divorce
association de parents enfants et grand-parents victimes d'enlèvements et de rapts internationaux d'enfants



Karl-Heinz Schmitz
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany


International child abduction to Germany and the rights of my children to unhindered access to their father

Dear Sir,

I thank you for the very pleasant and friendly meeting called at your initiative that you afforded me in Durban this morning, it was most appreciated.

At this meeting you gave me the opportunity to officially although briefly inform the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in regards to the deliberate and systematic denial of justice and the blatant and systematic violations of fundamental freedoms and human rights being carried out routinely in the Federal Republic of Germany in regards to international child abductions to Germany. This is without doubt a situation which is extremely shameful and tarnishes the good image of Germany abroad.

In this regard I do expect you to fully inform your Government of what is going on as reported in regards international child abductions to Germany and the general collective feelings of the victim foreign families in this regard. Furthermore I would expect you to fully inform your Government of the petition being investigated and being heard by the European Parliament and in particular the leading role being taken CEED to inform the commission and the world as to what is taking place within Germany. As you were informed by me, both Olivier Karrer and I are without question the worlds leading experts in regards to International child abductions to Germany and the role being played by the Jugendamt in conjunction with the family courts, psychiatric "Gutachter" Verfahrenspfleger and the rest of the so called family justice experts. In addition we are experts in the mechanisms as used in the past used by these individuals to circumvent both national and international laws to deny the victims justice, mechanisms of the past that are used to abuse and violate every possible right of the foreign victims.

Last but certainly not least I would expect you to pass on this second of two letters below on to your Government, together with both of the attachments after first having read them yourself.

The letter highlights the case of my two children both South African citizens by birth who have deliberately and criminally had half of their identities stolen from then as defined by the UN CRC, who have had their child hood and families members stolen from them, this letter was directed to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his visit to South Africa with the request for him to assist and to put on pressure where needed to bring this issue to finalisation.

I request that this issue be fully investigated by your Government in particular the rogue politician Dr. Uwe Biester CDU of Wilhelmshaven and his criminal collusion with judges, Jugendamt officials, and state psychiatrist. I do expect your Government to take the necessary firm criminal action against him and those with whom he criminally colluded as would be expected under German law. This action if it is carried out will remove from public office and put in jail a rogue politician and his accomplices who are doing the reputation of the Federal Republic of Germany considerable damage both in European as well as at the international level. In fact Dr Uwe Biester is making a joke out of justice and the entire German legal system with his political in-justice-circus in Wilhelmshaven.

I as well as the others who this letter will be sent to would no doubt because of the seriousness of these allegations, expect to be kept fully in the picture at all stages as to what action is taken b y the Federal Republic of Germany, firstly to deal with the overall problem of child abduction to Germany and in particular in regards to the criminal clique based in Wilhelmshaven under the influence of the rogue German politician Dr Uwe Biester CDU who has blatantly without sanction denied two South Africa children their fundamental freedoms and human rights, who have robbed them of their cultural identities and have generally grossly abused them.

The second issue discussed is the issue of my application to be granted unrestricted residence in Wilhelmshaven Germany so as to be able to exercise my duties as the father of a German minor child as defined by German family law.

This is an indisputable right afforded both me and my child Sebastian under German family law so long as he be ("held hostage") in Germany.

In addition the German basic law gives the indisputable right to my child Sebastian so long as he be ("held hostage") in Germany to have his father living in Wilhelmshaven where he can have free and full access to him at all times. Any move to prevent us from exercising this right by the immigration office officials in Wilhelmshaven would be a direct and blatant violation of the legal rights of my child, not to mention his fundamental freedoms and human rights as defined by the UN CRC this would be a declaration of war. It would be nothing less than aggravated child abuse and the total denial of justice being carried out at the local political level where once again the CDU politician Dr. Uwe Biester and his politician wife city councillor "Stadträtin" Ursula Biester have massive and direct political influence over the decision making of the officials of the immigration office. If it should so happen that German law can once again be blatantly and deliberately circumvented by these criminal politicians to deny justice then the Federal Government must urgently intercede by either overriding their decisions or by immediately repatriating the South African child being held hostage in Germany, back to South Africa were his rights are not only entrenched in our constitution in words on paper alone but are respected and enforced by our Government. If the Federal Government does not do so it would be sending out a very clear signal to Europe (Including the European Parliament petitions committee) and the world exactly what it wants these officials to do in such cases to deny justice to victims of child abduction to Germany and to keep them as hostages in Germany.

It is noted with considerable concern by many that in the Federal Republic of Germany, State Governments and even local authorities can over ride the constitution of the Federal Republic of German with impunity and obvious approval of the Federal Government. This is most probably deliberate so that the Federal Government can sign international conventions with the full knowledge and intent that they are null and void at the time of signing because they know full well that they will not be enforced at the state and local level. Something that reminds heavily of the past.

I trust that you will fully inform all in Wilhelmshaven as to both my rights and those of my child Sebastian and their duties under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany so that the good name of German does not once again be dragged through the mud by corrupt politicians in criminal collusion with German officials. They must also be sternly warned not to plot further conspiracies to create grounds for them to deny us our rights.

You will surely agree that an equitable and swift solution to these problems would be in the best interests of the Federal Republic of Germany in particular if these issues are not resolved it opens the door wide to effective demands to be made against Germany for reparations payments to be made to each and every affected person.

I thank you once again for your engagement and interest in finding solutions to these very serious problems in particular I tank you for coming down to Durban and for making time available to meet with me.

Yours faithfully

Michael Hickman
P O Box 60
4345 Mount Moreland

The South African President Mr Thabo Mbeki
The French Ambassador to South Africa for forwarding to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy
Mr Libiki Petitions committee European
Parliament Olivier Karrer President of CEED

Michael Hickman
P O Box 60
Mount Moreland 4345

South Africa
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