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Embassy of the Republic of France

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Open Letter to President Nicolas Sarkozy in regards the practices of the German Jugendamt 

Dear Sir, 

On the occasion of the French Presidential visit to South African I take the opportunity to address President Nicolas Sarkozy through your Embassy in regards to the situation in Europe regarding international child abduction to Germany and the role played by the German Jugendamt in violating the fundamental freedoms and human rights of the victim children and their entire foreign families. 

In particular I write to approach President Nicolas Sarkozy while he is here in South Africa for his assistance as my two South African born children were abducted over 12 years ago to Germany and since then all contact to them has been forbidden by the German Regime.  On the 14 July 2001 I joined Olivier Karrer a French citizen (of the Human Rights Organisation CEED International based in Paris) in Berlin Germany to stage a hunger strike in protest of the practices of the past being practised by the German Regime whereby foreign children are routinely stolen  in a program of state sponsored child abduction to Germany.(Lebensborn). Although we brought the matter to the attention of the entire German nation including the German Chancellor, although we were met by senior German politicians and members of the German administration, although these persons made numerous promises to rectify the matter, not one of their promises has to this day been honoured. Not One! In fact I and Olivier Karrer have been purposely,  deliberately, systematically victimised by officials of the German Regime because we dared to bring the problem into the public arena. We have both been denied justice because we spoke out against injustice and human rights violations being committed by the German Regime. 

In desperation in December 2006 CEED International brought the matter to the attention of the petitions committee of the European Parliament in the form of a Petition. We spellt out  clearly the role of the German Jugendamt and the nazi methods of the past  that are employed to steal the children of , to demonise and to intimidate the victim foreign parents of child abduction to Germany. 

As President Nicolas Sarkozy will be taking over the Presidency of the European Parliament as of June 2008 for six months I have high expectations of him. My request to him is that he do all in his power to find a solution to the German Problem during his Presidency that will be in line with European thinking and practice. A solution that is in line with international thinking and practice. The practices of the past that are still being routinely and systematically practised in Germany can not be allowed to continue in this century. I request that he put as much pressure to bear on the German regime as it requires to force them to change their totally  unacceptable ways of the past that are still being practised within the heart of the Modern Democratic Europe, within the structures of the European Union. 

Yours faithfully

Michael Hickman
7 Agnes Street
Mount Moreland
Durban 4345
Tel: +27820612593

CC. The South African President Thabo Mbeki