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CEED - Conseil Européen des Enfants du Divorce
association de parents enfants et grand-parents victimes d'enlèvements et de rapts internationaux d'enfants

Modern Lebensborn by German JUGENDAMT


A German Policewoman enforces the JUGENDAMT's order to steal a non-German child directly from home by his parents - 2011 A worker from the JUGENDAMT
stealing a baby from a foreign mother - 2011

Send a clear signal to the Germans, by boycotting german goods on the International Market !
The wealth obtained from this economy is also being used to violate human rights in a very gross manner as depicted by these pictures and a lot more incidents which are not documented here. Financing homes and foster parents, who remove children from their non-German families against their will.
No one on this world supports this treatment of children, so why should German be an exception?

Please protest the way in which the German System confiscates children from their non-German families and supports child trafficking!
Highly important : Pass on these shocking pictures, that none wants to believe they are real ! Same situations happened decades ago.
Kind von der Polizei in Heimpflege des Jugendamtes gebracht  Lebensborn 2010   Kind von der Polizei gestohlen mit Hilfe der Polizei Lebensborn 2010   Jugendamt Kinder von der Polizei abgeholt Lebensborn 2010   Jugendamt Pflegemutter Kinder Lebensborn 2010
German Police torning child away from his parents to put him in a forster care home or in a family of good and faithful Germans 2009   Child being stolen by Jugendamt Stuttgard with the support of uniformed and non-uniformed policemen (CEED knows his parents) 2009   From german JUGENDAMT stolen young children are brought away under protection of German police. The adults shown are regular German children thieves. 2010   German Pflegemutter" (a state's mother) with stolen children from foreign parents 2010  

Don't think Germans will show any culpability by their doing shown here.
They just will feel victims of the foreign parents who took the pictures of their stolen children.

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