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Answer of Mrs Von der Leyen, German Minister to question to Mr Libicki

LOWE David <> Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 11:07 AM
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Dear Mr Karrer,
Mr Libicki has requested that I respond to your message by informing you that the response received from the Federal Minister, dated May 23rd, is being considered in relation to yours and other petitions still under investigation related to the Jugendamt. The Committee will be deciding as soon as possible on the response it will deliver, and on the follow-up activity the Committee will undertake in conformity with its mandate and its responsability towards petitioners. You will naturally be informed as soon as such decisions are taken,
yours sincerely
David Lowe

From: Olivier Karrer []
Sent: 10 June 2008 16:55
To: LIBICKI Marcin
Cc: MCMILLAN-SCOTT Edward; ANGELILLI Roberta; DESCAMPS Marie-Hélène; ROGALSKI Boguslaw; LOWE David; SOAVE Piero
Subject: Answer of Mrs Von der Leyen, German Minister to question to Mr Libicki

CEED - Paris

Dear Mister Libicki

As I was informed today, Mrs Ursula Von der Leyen should have given an answer to the Comittee on Petition regarding numerous of petitions reached against the German Jugendamt by parents, whose children are under German Jurisdiction .

In the meanwhile it appear to us very clear, that the German Government has organized it's administrative system (Jugendamt) to keep as much children as possible on German soil. This happens accordingly to the statement made by Frau Von der Leyen during a press conference on the occasion of a meeting before the German Diakonie, in November 2006 : "Deutschland braucht jedes Kind". (Germany needs every child). Any pretext for that purpose is the right one. The JUGENDAMT is in charge of this duty.

The matter is not restricted to a few cases ( ), but is extended to all parents with a migration background in Germany, - no German judge can make any Court decision without the supervision of the political institution JUGENDAMT  (see :certificat de coutumes judicaires by lawyer Revel, -.
We'd like to underlign that roughly 10% of all children in Germany are under the supervision (control) of the German State (Jugendamt). There are 14 millions children und youth people (Kinder und Jugendliche) within an age range of  0 - 18 years in Germany.

The opinion of the German Government regarding the German political institution JUGENDAMT and it's illegal way of meddling in in any Court case, is of highest interest for all of us, europeans. May I ask you to be so kind sending us a copy of this answer in french and english ?

We reached in december 2006 the petition of 10 parent to the European Parliament.
With this document signed by parents of differents nationalities, we requested the European Parliament to declare the almighty German Institution JUGENDAMT an illegal Institution within Europe, as it brings up children to hate and to conflict. Mr Libicki is there any hope to get an official statement from the European Parliament or Commission  to this petition before this summer ? Should we wait until our children have grown and are adults ?

How many tapes should we record until the European Commission will carry out an investigation on the daily violations of fundemental rights perpetrated and hidden by the German JUGENDAMT, which have already turned to sort of banality in modern Germany ? Children died under the responsability of the JUGENDAMT. No German authorities wanted to investigate the cases. Could it be democratic, legal, normal, because German ?

We would appreciate, if our representatives in Bruxelles would understand, that we - parents - are not allowed by the JUGENDAMT (le juge du fond) to have ANY contact (no visit, no letter, no phonecalls) to our children in Germany, simply because a very little public servants within the Jungendamt has the power to do so. Could it be democratic, legal, normal, because German ?

Every day calls from desperates parents come in from all over the world, in particular from Germany, with a single message : "Please help us, the JUGENDAMT has stolen our children, without any reason."
Why should this critical situation lasts any day longer ?

For an answer we would like to thank in advance
Kind regards

Olivier Karrer
CEED Paris
10 juin 2008

00 49 30 440 371 33 (Berlin)

To be forwarded

Please read also the comment of Dr Casalegno and inform your respective Governements

CEED - PRESS RELEASE / Casalegno / May 2008
A CALL TO ALL POLICE FORCES AND INTERIOR MINISTRIES OF THE WORLD (Europol, Interpol, Fedpol): Do NEVER extradite even a single child to Germany
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(PARIS-Zürich-CFD / OK-sl) ... What Dr. Casalegno is not aware of, in spite of his excellent education and his knowledge of the dishonest methods of the German authorities, is that with his signature he has declared to the JUGENDAMT his incapability to grow up his own children. By asking for "help" the parents have started an irreversible mechanism whose consequences they cannot imagine even in their worst nightmare. This signature is the first step of an avalanche of administrative and court procedures whose only goal is the "German-legalised" kidnapping of his children...

Avocat REVEL / certificat des coutumes judiciaires allemandes
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(Berlin- Paris / JPR-OK) ... nous sommes régulièrement consultés par les avocats des parents français d'enfants déplacés et retenus en Allemagne que nous représentons au sein de notre association, sur les spécificités de la juridiction allemande, en matière de droit familial. C'est à ce titre que nous en appelons à votre honorable respectabilité en votre qualité d'avocat allemand, expert du droit familial auprès des juridictions allemandes, enregistré auprès du Consulat Général de France à Berlin, pour nous apporter votre éclairage sur les coutumes juridictionnelles allemandes...